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McArthur Homes welcomes and encourages Realtor participation in our sales process. In order to insure that all parties are treated fairly, we have adopted the following guidelines:

  • Realtors must personally accompany prospects to our sales center and register them with our sales representative. Registrations are also accepted online if received prior to the prospect’s first visit.
  • A prior visit to the community by a prospect voids the Realtor’s commission.
  • Separate registrations are required at each community.
  • The Realtor will be protected for 60 days at each community where the prospect is registered. The Realtor may register a prospect again to extend a registration.
  • If a prospect is registered by multiple Realtors, the most recent registration will be honored.
  • McArthur Homes, Inc. will not reduce sale prices, or compensate any licensed agent, in any way other than by paying the agreed upon commission to the agent’s licensed broker, without the broker’s written consent.
  • McArthur Homes will pay a commission of 3 percent of the base purchase price of the home to the participating Broker.
    Upon request, we will prepay 50% of the total Realtor commission up to the amount of non-refundable construction deposit when (1) all contingencies are removed, (2) the buyer makes their full non-refundable construction deposit, and (3) the buyer’s loan is approved. The balance of the commission will be paid at closing.
  • McArthur Homes and our sales representatives will administer all aspects of processing and closing. Our sales representatives will keep the Realtor updated on all issues.
  • Our sales prices are the same regardless of Realtor participation as is the compensation of our own sales staff.
  • Additionally, our on-site sales staff exclusively markets McArthur Homes homes.
  • All offers will be written on McArthur Homes sales agreements. The earnest money will be deposited in McArthur Realty’s Earnest Money Trust Account.

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